Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application (English)

How to receive and use a Scholarship for a small school in your area:

  1. Step 1. Complete the application form.
  2. Step 2. The applicant should wait up to one week for the scholarship application review process.
  3. Step 3. The applicant will then receive an acceptance email.
  4. Step 4. At this point, the class leader must complete our "Student List" form. Before we issue the coupon code, we must have the names and email addresses of each student that will be in your group study. Note: you only need one student to submit the form. The maximum number of students is ten.
  5. Step 5. A coupon code will be issued via a second email.
  6. Step 6. The class leader (or principal) will issue their unique code to each student for enrollment. Simply click the "Enroll" button and insert the coupon code into "Coupon code" box and click "Apply Coupon." This will remove the cost. Then, click the "Proceed to Checkout" button to advance to the "Checkout" and "Billing Details" page. Once your information is filled in, click the "Place order" button to complete the enrollment process
  7. Step 7. When we have received the student progress information, we will send you (the leader) a printed copy of the study text for the course that has been completed.
  8. Step 8. After successful completion of the course, but before beginning another course, the school leader must request another scholarship via Note: Steps 6—8 apply for each course here after.

This scholarship is only applicable to people who live outside of the USA.

A School Leader is responsible for scholarship accountability and organization of their school. An Individual Student is a single student applying for a scholarship for themselves.
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