Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our school or courses? Answers to many of your questions can be found here in our FAQ section.

Questions About the Online School

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Questions About the Online School

Q. What is the purpose of this school?

Jesus gave His people a mission: “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you” (Matthew 28:19, 20; NASB). Through the Scriptures is wholly dedicated to the task of teaching the entire Bible to those in every nation who are willing to learn.

Q. Where are the classes taught?

The courses are reading based and completely done online. If you have access to the Internet, these courses are for you, no matter where you are.

Q. Is this school just for those training to be preachers?

Although we offer a solid and thorough biblical foundation, Through the Scriptures is not intended to be a “preacher school.” This school has been designed to be used by anyone who wants to know more about God’s Word.

Q. Do I need to be a Christian or a member of a particular denomination in order to enroll in a course?

No. The only “requirement” is that you come ready to learn. “He who has ears to hear, let him hear” (Matthew 11:15).

Q. Which denominational creed is taught in these courses?

There is no denominational or sectarian creed, confession, or statement of faith taught in these courses. The apostle Paul instructed, “I exhort you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all agree and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be made complete in the same mind and in the same judgment” (1 Corinthians 1:10). If the church of Christ is to be free from these divisions, we must all unify around a common standard: the message that God Himself has given us. The authors of our courses are committed to setting aside the traditions and requirements of man that cause such division; they seek to teach only the pure message that God has given to us in His Bible. We plead with you to do as the “noble-minded” Bereans did, who “received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so” (Acts 17:11).

Q. Is Through the Scriptures an accredited school?

Through the Scriptures is not an accredited institution. However, a certificate of completion for studying through the entire Bible should be held in high regard anywhere a deep knowledge of the Bible is required or appreciated.

Q. Does Through the Scriptures offer certificates of completion?

Certificates will be given upon the completion of each course within a course group. An example of a course group would be New Testament History, which consists of The Life of Christ, 1;  The Life of Christ, 2;  Matthew 1—13;  Matthew 14—28;  Mark;  Luke 1:1—9:50;  Luke 9:51—24:53;  John 1—10;   John 11—21;  Acts 1—14;  and Acts 15—28. For more information on the group courses, see the Semester Studies page.

Q. Does Through the Scriptures offer licenses for ministry?

No license is required in the Bible for one to preach, and neither does Through the Scriptures certify anyone to the ministry. It is the Bible itself that equips one to the service of God, and simply that is what we teach. “All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work” (2 Timothy 3:16, 17).

Q. Will there be other courses available?

New courses will be added as they become available. Our minimum goal is to have the entire Bible covered in the same detail as it is in the courses that are currently offered.

Q. Is this school available in other languages?

Through the Scriptures is available in twenty-three languages! Besides English, we offer courses in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, German, Gujarati, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, and Vietnamese. Not all of the courses available in English will be available initially in the other languages, as it will take some time to translate each course. Eventually, the entire selection of courses will be available across all of these languages.

Q. How can our church make use of this school?

The local group component of study can be so important to an effective program. See our How to Start a School page for tips on implementing a local Through the Scriptures school in your congregation.

Q. Who is behind the Through the Scriptures online school?

Through the Scriptures is a work of  Truth for Today, a multifaceted, non-profit organization dedicated to world evangelism, located in Searcy, Arkansas.

Q. Who are the course authors?

Visit the  About Our Authors page to read about those who have dedicated their lives to teaching the Bible.


Questions About Course Enrollment

Q. What are the prerequisites for enrolling in a course in this school?

There are no prerequisites. Our courses are open to all.

Q. Which courses can I enroll in?

You have the option to choose any of our available courses. Unless you already have in mind to study a particular book of the Bible, we recommend you begin with The Life of Christ, 1.

Q. How long does each course last?

You have up to 50 days to complete each course, beginning from the moment when you enroll in that course.

Q. When do the courses start?

We recommend you choose one of our suggested semester or quarterly schedules (see Semester Studies for more information), but you can begin a course at any time. If you are part of a study group or local TTS school, coordinate with the other group members so you will all enroll at the same time.

Q. Can I take just a single course?

Yes. Although we think you will want to continue with other courses once you get started, the choice is always yours; you will never be automatically enrolled or automatically charged for any course.

Q. Can I enroll in more than one course at a time?

Our system allows you to take only one course at a time. However, you do not have to wait the full 50 days for the current course to expire. Once you have completed a course, you will have the option to proceed to the next course.

Q. Are there separate textbooks or other supplies that I will need to obtain?

Everything you need for the course will be provided. You need only a means to connect to the Internet and a willingness to learn. We strongly recommend that you have a copy of the Bible, but each study text includes the portion of Scripture being studied.

Q. What is the difference between Personal Choice and Semester Studies?

The Personal Choice option is intended for the person who already knows which course to take or who wants to follow his own order through the courses. The Semester Studies option is intended for the person who wants to follow an organized structure for eventually studying through the entire Bible. The only real difference between the two is that Personal Choice allows you to choose your first course, while Semester Studies chooses the first course for you. They are technically alike in all other respects. We present two options with different sets of recommendations simply to explain how the school can be used by people with different needs.

Q. If I begin a course under Personal Choice, can I later switch to Semester Studies?

There is no need to switch. Once you complete a course, the school will suggest the next course while leaving you the option to choose a different course if you prefer. Both options are eligible for a certificate once all the courses in a course group are completed.

Q. If I begin with Semester Studies, can I later pick a different course out of order?

Yes. After each course, the school will suggest the following course while allowing you to choose a different course if you prefer. The choice will always be yours.

Q. Where do I select which semester or quarter pace I wish to follow?

The semester and quarterly schedules (on the Semester Studies page) are simply recommendations for you to follow as you wish. You will never need to select one within the website.

Q. What if I do not complete my course within the 50-day time limit?

If you do not complete your course within the 50-day course period, you can purchase a 30-day extension for reduced price. Extensions can only be purchased once the initial 50 days has ended. There is no limit on the number of extensions allowed per course.

Q. What if my course access expires before I complete the course? Can I come back later to finish what remains?

Even if some time has passed since the course expired, you will have the option to purchase a 30-day extension to continue where you left off.


Questions About Payment

Q. Do I have to pay to enroll in a course?

Yes. Through the Scriptures is a work of Truth for Today, a non-profit organization dedicated to Bible teaching and evangelism. A program of this magnitude comes with considerable cost. With each course you purchase, you will be helping us to maintain and support this program, to produce new material, and to translate the material so that people of other languages can study the same great courses as you.

Q. What does it cost to enroll in a course?

The price for each course is clearly indicated along with the “Enroll” button, and the price you see is the price we will charge. We will charge no other fee than the single fee indicated per course. The price varies depending on the location in the world from which you access our site. We have given great care to consider the average economic means of each nation when we set our prices, as we are trying to balance the expenses of offering this program in a way that does not put a financial barrier before those who long to study the Bible. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Q. When must I pay for each course?

You will pay for each course individually at the time when you are ready to enroll in the course. You will never be automatically enrolled or automatically charged for other courses.

Q. What methods of payment are available?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. If your credit or debit card has one of the following logos, your card can be used to enroll in our courses:

visa master card amex jcb discover diners

Q. Can I use my credit or debit card even if I use a different currency than US dollars?

Most banks and credit card companies will allow you to make a purchase in a foreign currency, and the payment will be charged to your card in the adjusted amount for your currency. Note that your card will probably charge a small fee for currency exchange.


Questions About Taking a Course

Q. What can I expect when I take a course?

The courses are reading based, and they center around the digital textbook we call the “study text.” You have 50 days to complete the course, but how you pace yourself is up to you. For more information, see our Sample Course Content page.

Q. Are there samples of the course content?

Yes! See our Sample Course Content page.

Q. What are the study texts?

The study text for each course is a digital textbook as a PDF file that comes from one of the volumes in the Truth for Today Commentary series. Between 350 and 700 pages in their printed form, these volumes are packed with explanation and application of the Scriptures. The study texts will be an invaluable part of your religious library for years to come.

Q. What do I do with the study text at the end of each course?

The study text and other downloadable materials that you received during the course will be yours to keep and use following the course. Be sure to save these files to your computer before the end of each course.

Q. Is it possible to obtain a printed copy of the study text?

Hardback printed copies of the study text are available in English only. Students in the United States who take the course in English will automatically receive a printed book for each course in addition to the digital copy. The printed book and shipping costs are included in the U.S. price for the course. You will be asked to provide your shipping address when you enroll in a course.

Please note that the 50 days for the course will begin at enrollment. Therefore, we recommend you do not wait to receive your printed copy before you begin studying.

Due to high international shipping costs, students outside of the United States will receive the digital study text only. If you wish to purchase a printed copy in English despite the high shipping cost, you may contact  Resource Publications by sending an email to or by calling 1-501-305-1472 (you will need to add your country’s exit code to the beginning of the phone number).

Q. Can I print a copy of the study text myself?

You may print a copy of the study text for your own use. You may not copy or give away the study text to anyone else. Note that each study text is several hundred pages in length, so printing it yourself will use considerable ink and paper.

Q. How are the courses graded?

Your progress through the course is measured by five section tests and one final, comprehensive test. Your final course grade will be an average of all six tests.

Q. Is there a transcript of my grades?

Yes. When you are logged in to the site, you can find My Grades under the My Account menu at the top right of the webpage.

Q. How can I interact with other students?

You will not interact with other students directly through the website, but we highly encourage you to join with other students in a local TTS school or study group. See How to Start a School for tips and suggestions.


Questions About the Tests

Q. How many tests are there?

There are five section tests and one final, comprehensive test for each course.

Q. When will I take each test?

There is no set time for taking the tests. After you have read and studied the material for each section, you can then take the test any time you are ready. Remember that you will have 50 days to take all six tests. We provide a pacing guide to help you stay on track to make sure you take all six tests within the allotted time.

Q. How many questions are on each test?

Each test has up to 50 questions that are randomly selected from a larger pool of potential questions.

Q. What kind of questions are on the tests?

The test questions are a mix of multiple choice and true/false questions. On multiple choice questions, we will pose the question and ask you to select the correct response from several options. On true/false questions, we will make a statement, and you will identify whether the statement is true or false based on what you have learned. See our Sample Course Content page to see a few sample questions.

Q. What material will be covered on the tests?

For each section, we will assign the pages that you are to read, and we will draw questions from those pages. Questions will not be taken from sections within the assigned reading called “Application” or “For Further Study,” nor from any course materials other than the commentary study text. The comprehensive test will cover the same material from all five section tests.

Q. When will the tests be graded?

The tests will be graded instantly after you complete the test and click “Submit Answers.”

Q. Will I be able to see which test questions I missed?

Yes. We identify which questions you missed because this is a great opportunity for you to learn. Use the opportunity well by revisiting the portion of the study text where the answer may be found. Also remember that the same question may appear again on the comprehensive test.

Q. Will the tests be timed?

No. We encourage you to take the time you need to carefully consider each question.

Q. Will there be a study guide to help me prepare for the tests?

Yes. There are five study guides that will include key terms and concepts that you should know for the test. You will need to study all five study guides to prepare for the comprehensive test. See our Sample Course Content page for a sample study guide.

Q. Can I use my Bible, notes, or other help when I take the tests?

No, you must put away your Bible, notes, and study materials before beginning the test.

Q. What must I score on a test to proceed to the next section?

Students must score at least a 70% on a test in order to proceed to the next section of the course. Since the goal of our school is that you learn the material, you will have the opportunity to study further and then retake the test if you score less than 70%. The questions will be randomly selected every time you take the test, so some of the questions will not be the same as when you took it the first time. You will be able to retake a test as many times as necessary in order to proceed to the next section, but we encourage you to study hard and pass the first time because the system keeps track of how many times you retake a test. Note that you will not have the opportunity to retake the comprehensive test.

Q. Can I retake a test I already passed with 70% or higher?

No. Once you pass a test with at least 70%, that grade is final.

Q. How can I retake the comprehensive test?

We give you the opportunity to retake the five section tests until you pass in order to help you learn the material. However, you cannot retake the comprehensive test even if you received less than 70%. This final test is a true measure of what you have retained from the course.

Q. What happens if I have a computer failure or loss of Internet connection during a test?

You will be able to restart the test once the problem is resolved. If your Internet connection is intermittent, you may be able to continue taking the test while offline and then submit your answers once your connection returns.


Technical Questions

Q. What are the minimum computer requirements for using this website?

Our website is designed to be compatible with at least the three latest versions of each of the major browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Safari). If your computer is compatible with one of these browsers, you will be able to access the online school. As a general indication, if you are able to view the public pages of this site with your computer, and if you are able to download and view the sample course materials, you should be able to access the online school with your computer.

Q. Can I study when I am away from an Internet connection?

You will need an Internet connection to download the files, take the tests, and progress through the course. You will spend most of your time reading the study text and preparing for the test, and this you can do offline once you have downloaded the study text and the study guide for a particular section.

Q. Can I use my tablet or mobile device to study with Through the Scriptures?

Our website is designed to be compatible with at least the latest three versions of the major mobile operating systems (such as Android and iOS). Additionally, you will need to be able to view PDF files, for which there are several apps available, including several which are free. If your smartphone or tablet meets these qualifications, you will be able to use it for this online school. As a general indication, if you are able to view the public pages of this site with your device, and if you are able to download and view the sample course materials, you should be able to access the online school with your device.

Q. Can I change my password or the email address associated with my account?

You can change your email address or password here.

Q. I am unable to view the study text, or it is not displayed correctly. What should I do?

The digital study texts are made available in the PDF format. You will need a PDF reader to be able to open these files. If you are having trouble opening a PDF, or if you are encountering display errors, such as white boxes covering the text, we recommend you download the current version of the free Adobe Reader here.

Q. The website is not working correctly. What should I do?

First, make sure you are running the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera. If the problem persists, please report the error on our Support page. Please be specific as you report an error. Include the version of the browser you are using, the operating system of the computer (for example, Windows 8 or Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite), the web address of the page that presented the problem, a description of the problem, and any actions you took that may have led to the problem.

Q. Is my personal information being protected?

We take every measure to ensure that your personal information is protected. The data connection from your computer to our website is encrypted and secured by SSL technology. Your financial information is never stored on our servers, and your payment is handled by a trusted, industry-standard payment processor.


Support Questions

Q. How can I resume a course I have started?

If you have not yet logged in, do so using the Log In link at the top right of this webpage, or if you are already logged in, click My Account at the top right of this webpage. From the My Account page, click the red button that says Continue Course. This will take you to the first page of your current course. From there, you can choose the step where you left off.

Q. Can I retake a course I have already completed?

No. However, we do encourage you to revisit the study text whenever you would like to refresh what you previously learned.

Q. I lost my digital copy of the study text. How can I download another copy?

You have full access to all course material while you are currently enrolled in the course. You may download the study text again from the Getting Started page in your current course. Be sure to save all of your downloaded files to a safe location on your computer so that you will still have them when your access to that expires. We also recommend that you make backup copies to avoid loss in the event of computer failure.

Q. I lost my digital copy of the study text and my course access has expired. How can I download another copy?

The only way to gain access to material after the course has expired is to renew the course for a small fee. You may do so from the  My Account page. If you are currently enrolled in another course, you must first conclude that course before you can renew the other, as you can be enrolled in only one course at a time. Once you have renewed your course, you may revisit any pages within the course to download the files you are missing.

Q. I forgot my password. How can I get back to my account?

You may reset your password here. Once you enter your email address or username, we will send you an email with a link for resetting your password.

Q. I no longer have access to the email account that I used when I signed up. How can I get back to my account?

Even though you no longer have access to your old email account, you can still log in to the website by entering your old email address. Then, from the My Account page, choose edit your password and account details to change your account to a new email address. You will thereafter log in to the website using your new email address.

Q. Can I share my account with someone else?

No. Each person will need his or her own account.

Q. Can I transfer my account to another person?

No. Each person will need his or her own account.

Q. Where can I get support?

Please search through these Frequently Asked Questions to be sure that we have not already answered your question. If you are part of a local TTS school or study group, you can ask the group’s dean or one of the other group members for help. If you still need help, you may contact us from our Support page. Please allow several days for us to respond, especially if you write to us in a language other than English.