1 Corinthians

In this letter to the first-century Christians in Corinth, Paul addressed many questions which, with only slight variations, continue to trouble the church today. Duane Warden’s verse-by-verse study tackles the difficult issues in the biblical text and draws application for living as Christians in our own time.

Division, immorality, doctrinal confusion, and worldliness plagued this first-century congregation; and the root of many of their conflicts—pride—is common among us still. Paul knew that the key to overcoming these struggles is love, “transferred from the abstract to the concrete.” In his eloquent and familiar discussion of love in chapter 13, the apostle defined and described this trait, showing how the follower of Christ who is truly motivated by love should behave toward others. As Christians today adhere to the principles taught in this passage, many problems will be solved and the church can be the loving, unified body that Jesus envisioned and gave His life to save.

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