Revelation 12—22

The Book of Revelation, with its vivid imagery and highly figurative symbolism, presents an interpretive challenge to the finest Christian scholars. However, David L. Roper provides one of the most helpful and easy-to-understand studies of this book in his two-volume set on Revelation. In this course, he covers chapters 12 through 22 in a thrilling study that leads the reader to rejoice over Satan’s ultimate defeat.

Roper unwraps the mystery that has surrounded the images of battles, beasts, and bowls of wrath. His comments on the end time clear away confusing theories about Armageddon and Christ’s reign, allowing the reader to focus on the true message of Revelation—Christian victory. He clearly conveys the marvelous promise related to John: The one who remains faithful until death will be blessed with eternal life.

What comes with the course?

This 50-day course comes with everything you need. Should you need more time to complete this course, you can extend your course an additional 30 days. Click here to view some sample course materials.

Digital Book

A digital copy of the book “Revelation 12—22” by David L. Roper will be your teacher for the course, and it will be yours to keep after the course is over.

Five Study Guides

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Six Tests

Designed to help you rather than hinder you, each test consists of fifty questions taken from the assigned reading to ensure you understand what is being taught. The last test is comprehensive.

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