The Minor Prophets, 2

Throughout the ages, God’s message to man has been the same: “Repent or perish! Turn back to Me, and I will reclaim you as my own.” This is certainly the message that was preached by the prophets.

Obadiah declared that Edom, the longstanding enemies of Israel, would be destroyed from the face of the earth. When Jonah delivered a divine warning to Nineveh, the people turned from sin for a time; but Nahum later proclaimed that the wicked city was doomed. Micah admonished Judah to repent, and Habakkuk said punishment was coming upon them. Haggai was sent after the period of chastisement, to lift up the penitent ones who were once again trying to do God’s will.

Coy D. Roper skillfully shows what the Minor Prophets have to say about God’s love, righteousness, and forgiveness toward those who choose to obey Him. Our God does not change, but ever waits with open arms to welcome those who repent and submit to His divine will. No message could be more relevant to people today.

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