Like the Israelites of old, Christians are traveling through life dealing with daily struggles and longing to reach the Promised Land. The Book of Numbers chronicles Israel’s ancient journey, offering divine insight into the problems caused by their disobedience, weak faith, and discontent. Coy D. Roper analyzes what the text says and what it meant to the first readers, and then takes the next step of applying the lessons to readers today who want to live for God and spend eternity with Him in heaven. For those who preach and teach, the applications contain a variety of illustrations, sermon ideas, and sermonettes, as well as full-length sermons that survey the book.

What comes with the course?

This 50-day course comes with everything you need. Should you need more time to complete this course, you can extend your course an additional 30 days. Click here to view some sample course materials.

Digital Book

A digital copy of the book Numbers by Coy D. Roper will be your teacher for the course, and it will be yours to keep after the course is over.

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These will help you prepare for your tests by providing you with the key terms, concepts, people, and places to pay close attention to as you read.

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