J. W. Roberts explores this general epistle that outlines the walk of faith for Christians. He points out remarkable parallels to the Sermon on the Mount as well as the relationship between faith and works. This thorough exegesis will strengthen any Christian’s walk with God, as it discusses genuine religion, faith, and wisdom. (Part 1)

While the Book of James was addressed to the first-century church, it continues to instruct readers with practical exhortations on godly living. In this commentary, Duane Warden thoroughly discusses James’ imperatives for seeking wisdom, being humble, avoiding favoritism, guarding the tongue, and being a “doer of the Word.” The brother of the Lord offered encouragement to Jewish brethren who were “dispersed abroad” and faced persecution. In view of the uncertainty of tomorrow, he gave assurance that the Lord will return in the day of judgment. He urged followers of Christ to awaken dead faith and demonstrate how Christianity is put into practice. (Part 2)

Note: In order for the student to receive a well-rounded study of this book of the Bible, this course utilizes two commentaries. Once the student has finished the study and taken the tests on The Living Word Commentary portion, he or she will move on to the Truth for Today Commentary coverage of the same book.

What comes with the course?

This 50-day course comes with everything you need. Should you need more time to complete this course, you can extend your course an additional 30 days. Click here to view some sample course materials.

Digital Book

A digital copy of the book “The Letter of James” by J. W. Roberts (Part 1) and Duane Warden (Part 2) will be your teachers for the course, and it will be yours to keep after the course is over.

Five Study Guides

These will help you prepare for your tests by providing you with the key terms, concepts, people, and places to pay close attention to as you read.

Six Tests

Designed to help you rather than hinder you, each test consists of fifty questions taken from the assigned reading to ensure you understand what is being taught. The last test is comprehensive.

Reading Pace Guide

Stay on top of your reading schedule with your reading pace guide. This guide tells you which pages you need to read each day to finish the course in the desired time.



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